Recycling: Plastic Milk Bottles as Plant Labels

I’ve found that milk bottles make pretty good plant labels.

I used scissors, a plastic milk bottle and marker pen

I’ve fashioned a label tray too.

Unfortunately, at present, they aren’t reusable as pencil won’t write on the plastic. I’m using a Sharpie pen but I will be looking in the kitchen cupboards in the hope of finding a solution that will erase the ink.


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  1. Now this Idea I love, 🙂 and will be taking this one up Many thanks for the idea.. Hubby bought a load of labels only the other week while he saw them going cheap in Aldi 🙂 Great Idea


  2. I use old plastic blinds, but after a winter the lettering tends to fade. So, this year I tried spraying them with a matte finish to see if that holds longer.


    1. Great idea plus using what you already have. I was shocked at the price of a pack of labels. It reflected a niche item! Good auld internet eh?

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