Sorting through the Rubbish

My plot hasn’t been handed to me in the best of conditions.

The random strawberry in that pile is now nestled in it’s new bed.

I found  a pavement and I’m bizzarely very happy about it. I thought it was a grass path next to the bench, but no, under the earth was a bit of crazy paving! 

And so the turning over of bed 2 begins…


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  1. MrsCraft says:

    Sounds great so far! 😊


  2. Your strawberries will soon thrive for next years crop.. And yes unfortunately allotments get to be a dumping ground.. We do have a skip every once in a while where we can put unwanted rubbish.. But new plot owners are helped out and once they have cleared their plot of rubbish left by a previous tenant, The council will provide a skip to take it away..
    I hope you manage to get yours disposed ..
    Wishing you a Lovely week.
    Sue 😉


    1. Hi Sue, thank you for all your comments. The metal will go quite quickly, I can burn the wood. I’ve rescued some plant pots and larger plastic ones, the black plastic I’ve wrapped round the wood on the herb and flower bed so one man’s messy trash is one woman’s helping hand in getting started. It’s that positive proactive approach you talked about but unfortunately my land is offering some different materials to learn to work with but equilibrium balancing all the same 😉

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      1. Wonderful that you are utilising so much of it, and BALANCE is the key to everything.. 🙂 lol.. And you are welcome. Good to know another allotmenteer.. 🙂


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