Turnips and composting

Here is my turnip patch. I think it’s doing well as it’s growing. Some of the turnips near the netting are being nibbled so I’ve tightened up Fort Netting and will spray every evening with the garlic while I cross my fingers.

I also notice that the left is doing much better than the right which I cannot fathom so I guess this is my first taste of the gardening foibles. 

The netting is scaffold netting folded in half with triangle sides. I stitched these in place so it would sit over the canes.

It’s a bit of a make do and mend on the plot. I used what I had and it’s working so far. Also have vegetable netting in store soon so I’m hoping to pick something up ready for when my spring cabbages and Swiss chard seedlings go in.

Today I’ve gone from this…

To this…

The tub worked absolutely fine but we could use a caddy. I hang my head in shame for ensuring it was a pretty one. 


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