Cleaning out the Greenhouse: From Unloved to Loved… Tadah!

I haven’t been able to access the greenhouse that is in my plot as the previous plot holder’s had his tomatoes growing in there but they’ve now gone so today was the day that I got to grips with clearing and making it home.

This is what I walked in to this morning. It’s the story of everything I inherit on the plot but I set to clearing.

This is how I left it 5 hours on…

I traded the old bread baskets for the plastic to make the shelving water proof and my neighbour (physical house neighbour) helped me screw into place old laminate flooring from our house refit. The shelf under the bench at the back was under the benches as was the bench. We’ve got the bench propped up with alsorts just now but my husband is going to get on with making a wooden support and screw it all in place. The staging is from my plastic little greenhouse that I no longer need. The shade netting is scaffold board netting. The floor will be stones and I will be bubble wrap insulating in the coming months. 

I’m thrilled with it but I’m sore. What you can’t see is the bags of cement skim plaster and rubbish that now adorn my plot. It’s frustrating because I’ve now got more rubbish to discard. 


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  1. Wow what a fabulous transformation. I would love an allotment with a greenhouse or polytunnel. 🌼


    1. I’m not finding it stressful at the moment because of all the rubbish that I’m begrudgingly clearing but I do like the feeling of achievement when I’ve finished a task. Thank you. I’ll give it my touch eventually but for now I’m just making do with what is there while aiming for clean and tidy.

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  2. Well done a true transformation, that is what Hubby has been doing this weekend taking out the tomatoes, cleaning it and lagging the greenhouse with bubble-wrap.. Wonderful Job you have done.


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